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Elite Contract Business Partner Announcement
Elite Contract Business Partner of 2015 


GW Construction


FHG, Inc. was recognized in the work-hour category of Average Annual Work-Hours over 150,000 man-hours per year.

GW Construction was recognized in the work-hour category of Average Annual Work-Hours over 150,000 man-hours per year.

FHG Highlights – Work-Hour Category of over 150,000 man-hours per year
  • Put programs in place to analyze incidents and observation data to help identify trends
  • Extensive use of technology in keeping their people supplied with information and tools to reduce down time and increase safety
  • Focus on continuous improvement with near miss reviews and sharing of lessons learned
  • Developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy called FHG 360 focusing on “Training, Hazard Recognition, Readiness, Interactivity, Verification and Execution (THRIVE)
  • Expansion of Behavior-Based Safety program to hire two full-time observers to help ensure every individual is observed at least once a year
GW Construction Highlights – Work-Hour Category of under 150,000 man-hours per year
  • Improved communication of work by signing off on permits and JSA every time they are reviewed for understanding
  • Drive personal accountability by having each employee responsible for inspecting their own truck and tools
  • An in-house training and prep for crane examination, rigging and arm, and hand signals
  • Clearly define those employees who are certified to rig and signal.  Offering operator training to an expanded base of employees who demonstrated the ability and dedication through field performance.
  • Identifying areas of weakness and analyzing trends to further improve. Trend and safety audit data has been forwarded to foreman for shift starters.
  • OSHA 30-hour OSHA instructor and trainers for skid steers and aerial lifts.

In 2015, MPC T&L completed 996 scorecards for 181 contractors working on M&TE projects. These scorecards evaluated each project on safety, cost, quality, equipment, schedule, and planning. 

The scorecards were evaluated based on the number of projects performed, the type of work performed and overall scores on the scorecards. 

Fifteen top-performing contractors for 2015 were identified in two separate work-hour categories - average annual work-hours over 150,000 man-hours per year and under 150,000 man-hours per year.  The contractors being recognized as our top performing contractors for 2015 are:

Contractor over 150,000 (3 year average) Contractor Below 150,000 (3 year average)
  • Industrial Maintenance Contractors
  • Don Miller
  • Bolin Enterprises Inc.
  • FHG Inc.
  • Cain's Pipeline

  • Klump Excavating
  • Venture Environmental Contracting
  • Witherup Fabrication and Erection
  • Attaway Services Inc.
  • Voegele Excavators
  • GW Construction
  • Spade Corporation
  • Aerco Sandblasting
  • ACE Allwaste
  • Ramsey Welding

Top performers were asked to complete the Elite Contract Business Partner applications, which ask contractors to explain in detail their company’s philosophies and experiences in:

  • OSHA Voluntary Protection Program participation
  • Behavior Based Safety programs (training, observations, trending)
  • JHA/JSA (usage, tracking and trending)
  • Audit programs (tracking findings through completion)
  • Safety leadership (training and involvement)
  • Incident investigation programs (first aid and near miss)
  • Injury case management efforts
  • Evidence of employee culture and going beyond expectations
  • Quality, cost, scheduling and planning

Those applications were judged and seven Elite Contract Business Partners were identified for 2015:

Contractor over 150,000 (3 year average) Contractor Below 150,000 (3 year average)
  • Don Miller
  • Bolin Enterprises Inc.
  • FHG Inc.
  • Witherup Fabrication and Erection
  • GW Construction
  • Spade Corporation
  • ACE Allwaste

These Elite Contract Business Partners were asked to give a 10-minute presentation, which a panel of judges used to determine the best of the best and award one contractor the title of The Elite Contractor of the Year for 2015.

Some of the highlights from these presentations include:

  • Injury case management training
  • Significant employee involvement in development, use and updating of JSA – JLA
  • Focus on equipment integrity management. Significant hose management program and installation of grounding and bonding assurance safety systems on all of the vac trucks that shut down operations automatically when continuity is lost.
  • Building culture around doing right “Every day, Every time”
  • Significant emphasis on Confined Space Entry and rescue training using real word props
  • Focus on developing new services through early adoption of technology, including:
    • Use of orbital welding of tubing and small bore stainless
    • New cold cutting equipment that produces the finished beveled cut for welding and gaining certification for new vapor isolation technology
  • Focus on strengthening their safety culture to achieve the behaviors required to perform at the level they are trying to achieve.
  • Strong employee engagement demonstrated by significant participation in daily stretching program and near miss reporting

All seven Elite Contract Business Partners were recognized at the Elite Awards Dinner on April 6, 2016. These contractors were recognized for their excellent performance in safety, cost, quality, schedule, and planning.

Congratulations to FHG, Inc. and GW Construction for being recognized as the Elite Contractors of the Year for 2015.

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