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Elite Contract Business Partner Announcement
Elite Contract Business Partner of 2017 

Spade Corporation

FHG, Inc.

Kwest Group

Spade Corporation was recognized in the work-hour category of average annual work-hours under 150,000 man-hours per year.

FHG, Inc. was recognized in the work-hour category of average annual work-hours over 150,000 man-hours per year.

Key highlights include:

  • This is the fourth year as a finalist and the first time they have won.

  • Spade has a strong focus on consistent improvement.

  • They value company employees as family and have a cap on out of town travel of two weeks at a time, then the employees come home.

  • Short Service Worker program requires two weeks of training prior to going into the field. Short Service Workers wear a green hard hat for the first six months then are evaluated and, if supervisors agree, they are issues a yellow hard hat and are no longer Short Service Workers.

  • Average tenure of supervisors is 31 years.

Key highlights include:

  • This is the third win for FHG. They won this award in 2015 and 2016.

  • Creation of the FHG University to provide continuous training with an employee portal/dashboard that provides easy access to records for project leaders.

  • 45 supervisors in leadership training to ensure their success in completing projects.

  • Creation of a crisis response team to help Axiom manage cases. This team helped at least two cases stay as first aid versus becoming a recordable incident through proper case management.

Elite Program Overview

In 2017, MPC L&S completed 771 scorecards for 169 contractors working on M&TE projects. These scorecards evaluated each project on safety, quality, schedule, and planning. These scorecards were evaluated based on the total spend in 2017, the number of projects performed, the type of work performed and overall scores on the scorecards. Twenty top-performing contractors for 2017 were identified in separate work-hour categories of average annual work hours over 150,000 man-hours per year and average annual work hours under 150,000 man-hours per year.  Those contractors being recognized as our top performing contractors for 2017 are as follows: 

Contractor over 150,000 Man Hours / Year Contractor Below 150,000 Man-Hours / Year


Don Miller and Associates Inc.
FHG, Inc.
Kwest Group LLC
Pritchard Electric
 XL Industrial Services Inc.


Ace All Waste
Aerco Sandblasting
Interdyne Corp - Trans Vac
PEI Pipeline Services
Phillips Tank & Structure
Ramsey Welding
Spade Corporation
Venture Environmental Contracting
Witherup Fabrication and Erection

These top performers were asked to complete the Elite Contract Business Partner application, which ask contractors to explain in detail their company’s philosophies and experiences in the following areas:
  • Behavior Based Safety (BBS) programs (training, observations, trending)
  • JHA/JSA (usage, tracking and trending)
  • Audit programs (track findings through completion)
  • Safety leadership (training and involvement)
  • Short-service Worker programs
  • Incident investigation programs (first aid and near miss)
  • Injury case management efforts
  • Evidence of employee culture and going beyond expectations
  • Quality, cost, scheduling and planning
Applications were judged and four Elite Contract Business Partners from each category were identified for 2017.
Contractor over 150,000 (3 year average) Contractor Below 150,000 (3 year average)
  • Don Miller & Associates
  • FHG, Inc.
  • Kwest Group LLC.
  • XL Industrial Services, Inc.
  • Interdyne corp - Trans Vac
  • Phillips Tank and Structure
  • Spade Corporation
  • Venture Environmental Contracting LLC.

These Elite Contract Business Partners were asked to give a 10-minute presentation, which a panel of judges used to determine the best of the best. In the category of total company hours below 150,000 man-hours a year we are recognizing the following organizations and their recommended best practices:

Interdyne-Trans Vac specializes in emergency spill response, remediation, waste hauling, demolition and pipeline services, performing work for our AST Group.

    • Engaging employees in safety ownership.
    • Innovative DO-IT (Define behaviors, Observe behaviors, Intervene and Test interventions) approach to BBS.
    • Every Job required, conduct a minimum of two observations each day.
    • Different individuals from the crew lead daily JSAs to help identify hazards and correct mitigations.

Phillips Tank and Structure, a tank maintenance, repair and construction contractor that works for our AST Group

    • Detailed, High Complexity Task plans and use of drawings with notes to ensure thought through planning. Great communication tool that ensures the right materials and tools are used while increasing safety, quality and productivity.
    • Using 3D scanning of facility to gather data to assist with planning and executing the work.

Spade Corporation is a civil and mechanical contractor that works for our Terminal Engineering Group.

    • Expand field services to enable them to complete all aspects of the work without subs resulting in better control of culture, safety, cost and quality.
    • All employees go through a week of annual training. They work to make it hands-on in real time to promote better learning verses CBT.

Venture Environmental Contracting LLC supports our AST Group cleaning asphalt tanks.

    • Safety program coined Journey to Zero, which aligns with their mission, core values and safety processes.
    • Start smart - stay safe
    • PAUSE (Pause, Assess, Understand, Share and Execute) if something is not right.

In the category of total company hours over 150,000 man-hours a year, we are recognizing the following organizations and their recommended best practices:

Don Miller and Associates Inc is a tank maintenance, repair and painting/coatings contractor that works for our AST Group.

    • Mentorship program for new supervisors that provides the tools and information they need to lead.
    • Management is visible in the field performing site audits.

FHG, Inc. is a full-service maintenance and construction contractor, with specialties in terminal piping, pipeline facilities, and aboveground storage tanks.

    • GPS in vehicles to track speed, which can also track behavior in the evening and fatigue especially when driving all night to get to a job.
    • Promote leaders from within and train them on how to LEAD:
      • Lead - humble
      • Envision - vision of where they are going
      • Accountability
      • Delegate and disciple

Kwest Group LLC is a civil and mechanical contractor that works for our Terminal Engineering Group.

    • Starting to document best management practices and standard operating procedures in a system with software that allows pictures and videos.
    • Pre-Shift Analysis that includes: 1. PPE Check; 2. Flex & Stretch; 3. Site Walk-Down; 4. SLAM (Stop, Look, Assess, and Manage); 5. JHA/JSA; 6. Tools and Equipment inspections.

XL Industrial Services Inc. is a mechanical, electrical and coatings industrial contractor for our Terminal Engineering Group.

    • XL conducted more than 61 hours of training per employee in 2017
    • Use of HCSS Safety Software to track and trend incidents including Root Cause Analysis and corrective action tracking.

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